Book Workout


Once again I’m not sure how I came across  this Buzz Feed article, “11 Exercises That’ll Make Book Lovers Excited To Work Out.”

I tried it out today, except for the Trilogy Tricep Reps since I didn’t have a trilogy handy and the Fat Stack Crunches. I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. Plus, I’d have to put that fat stack of books away afterward.

Here’s my report:

  • Wall Sit and Read. I lasted for about a page, not a chapter.
  • Page-Turner Push-Ups. This exercise would have worked except 1) I can’t do full-on pushups; 2) my glasses kept falling off my nose.
  • Character Kicks. This one is a keeper. I picked Emma. I’m not sure why the book has to be there. But I managed at least fifteen names. Next time I’ll count.
  • Literary Lunges. This one didn’t feel like much of a workout. Maybe I needed heavier books or longer stretches.
  • Page Planks. See No. 2 under Push-Ups above.
  • Chapter Curls. See Literary Lunges.
  • Reading Marathon Leg Raises. Not sure I did this one right; also see Push-Up commentary above.
  • Series Squats. Couldn’t do this one because there’s no room in front of my major bookshelf to squat down and the smaller ones don’t have spines that are visible.
  • Cooldown. Skipped this because I had to put books away and get ready for the writing workshop.

Will revisit this at some point.

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