Sushi Friday Recap


It’s time to revisit some of the sushi places I’ve visited in the last while.

  • Moonlight. This place drove me away. More than once. Now I’m done for good after getting sick on the fried stuff in the sashimi bento box.
  • Oyama remains a mainstay. There’s a new chef since my review and things have improved so I’m revising upward from C+ to B+ because of good fresh fish. Plus the chefs and waitresses recognize me and know my order.
  • Tisumi This one remains the same. Only the parking hassles have increased, and that has nothing to do with the restaurant.
  • Kuyi The food remains excellent and the chefs more than welcoming but I’ve stopped going because my clothes reeked of fried food every time I left.
  • Hachi This place remembers me and I appreciate pretty much everything about except the waitress who calls me “honey.” It feels like a Phila. diner circa 1950.

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