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Another in the series. I have no idea where I learned of it. Vikram Chandra is a novelist who writes code. With Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty, he steps into the world of nonfiction as he explores the connection between the arcane worlds of computer code and art.

Even though I can’t code beyond http, I loved the logic gates, especially the computer made of Legos. In “Histories and Mythologies,” we encounter the Hero on the Quest to write or break code. These narratives fit the classic seven plots and add to them.

The section that indicts Silicon Valley for sexism and racism had me cheering. Chandra includes his own people, referred to as the “Indian Mafia.” He quotes some material with vicious stereotyping, but the people making the point are his fellow countrymen who say that Indians stop learning when they get a job, while Americans continue to grow and change.

I’m now deep into “The Code of Beauty: Anandavardhana” in which Chandra uses poetry to explain the ancient theory of Sangam. This concept divides the world into the interior and exterior (another logic gate). The interior life is pleasure and pain as we experience them. The exterior, Chandra says, involves politics and “obligations.”

Like the American coders, I’m experiencing a whole new world here, and it’s exciting.

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