Carmel Valley Day Four

Being written in the lobby of the Holiday Inn San Jose airport while we wait for a room.

Larry went to Kathy’s Kitchen for breakfast, and I walked down to get the Times. The guy informed me that they didn’t reserve but there were still plenty. This edition has two pages of New York news tucked in at the back of the national/international section. And of course there is no real estate section.

Kathryn and her mother were already at breakfast in the motel dining room, along with John. Ash stumbled in somewhat later and we hung around until Liz and her daughters and their children, plus one husband appeared. We sat outside by the pool, as it got hotter and hotter and hotter.


Ash and Kathryn packed and left right about noon, and Liz took her mother and John to Monterey. Larry holed up in the hotel room with more basketball, first Notre Dame against Maryland (N.D. won.) Then UConn and Stanford. I went to Heller’s, which produces “organic” wine. It was OK but vastly overpriced and the pour was stingy. The Chard was again not oppressively oak-y but still a bit cloying for my taste. The best of the bunch was a Cachagua cab, which I bought for Lucey and Dick. The young women were a bit studied and not all that knowledgeable. The best of the place was the sculpture created by Mrs. Heller, who also designs jewelry. The room had a few odds and ends with more versatile selections outside in the sculpture garden. Here’s a picture of “Femme.” Other photos didn’t turn out so well because of the splashes of intense light through the leaves on the trees.

Stopped at the market for more peanuts for Larry, he having finished one container in a day. Stayed in the room for a bit and then went to Holman Ranch winery where I was served by Kathy, the very nice woman who sent folks to look for my hat. She’s originally from Toms River, New Jersey, and said she goes back every year for her mother’s birthday in February but didn’t this year because of the weather. She moved to California eighteen years ago and would never go back. She gave very generous pours of the Pinot Gris, steely and excellent though not cold; a Chard, a bit less cloying but also not cold; and Heather Hill pinot noir, the excellent wine we had at the wedding, plus she gave me a small pour of another wine that they have not even labeled yet. I rolled back up the hill with a bottle of the Heather for Lucey and Dick.

Larry stopped watching UConn game once the women had pulled ahead by a respectable amount. We then joined Kathryn’s sister Liz and Mom and John for dinner at the Running Iron restaurant at the bottom of the hill, which is part of the pizza place and the roadhouse Stirrup Cup, where the bikers congregated pretty much all weekend, roaring up and down the main street. Décor was rusted bicycles and walls Very basic. L had a steak and I had a grilled artichoke.

Back to the room for preliminary packing.


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