Ithaca Day 2


After a quick entry in the journal, I walked across the street to the Tops supermarket. The woman at the hotel’s front desk had assured me that the store would have “an actual physical copy” of the Sunday New York Times. I didn’t want to ask what other sort might be sitting on the rack.

There was no traffic to speak of, as the other  stores in the strip malls had not yet opened.

And yes, indeed, the paper was there, costing the same $6 I pay at home but without the Metro and Real Estate sections and with even worse photo registration.  I still haven’t finished – or last week’s for that matter. The only article of note so far is a business story about a company that is buying old screenplays in bulk, turning them into novels, and then back into books. I hope it works.

Brunch was a decent veggie omelet, biscuits, and a generous portion of fruit.

Got down to work, which produced many questions. Not sure whether I’ll be able to answer them, but at least I’m narrowing the issues. The process was aided by pacing and walking inside with a quick foray outside. The result was more questions.

We had dinner at the Moosewood, which I’ve known about for years since I own two of the thirteen cookbooks. Did not realize it was located in Ithaca. The place has a distinct moose theme, including a picture over our table of a “chocolate moose for dinner.” It was an image of a chocolate moose, sitting at a table wrapped in what looked like a shawl.

After that, it was all good: sweet potato soup, a large salad (they meant it when the said olive, singular) with tofu and marinated artichokes on the side. The lemon-tahini dressing bordered on the sublime.

I did a repeat of my 5K Sunday night, so I didn’t have to  struggle out at an ungodly hour in the morning.

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