Not Listening


Once again I borrowed a book on CD to provide entertainment in the radio-free zone portion of the trip to Ithaca. Fortunately the zone from Connecticut to New York wasn’t as extensive as the hollow core from New York to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. That was a good thing because my choice of book left much to be desired.

In keeping with my tendency to read something in total contrast to my surroundings.  I chose another mystery by James Lee Burke, this one set in Texas. Cimarron Rose is not a Dave Robicheaux story, and I quickly lost interest. Narrator Tom Stechschulte  is no Will Patton, so I couldn’t get into the cadence. The Texas accent has a hard edge lacking on the bayou.

Then there are the characters. Why should I care about this lawyer named Billy Bob Holland? He has flashbacks over the death of his partner when he was a drug-busting Texas Ranger and is representing his illegitimate son on rape and murder charges. The “Save the Cat” element involves  his care for a cute, excessively smart minority kid. Then there’s a possible girlfriend who may be a narc. Worse, Deaf Smith, Texas, lacks the food, culture, and music of Creole Louisiana. All in all, a big yawn. I kept awake avoiding flooded roads and later other cars.

It was a relief to eject the second disc and turn on the radio.

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