Well, the havoc from the storm of August 11 continues. Besides power outages galore, a water main broke over near Wesleyan. Trees and branches littered the road. Today, my car skidded on a mound of sand that had washed across an intersection. The Connecticut River looked opaque brown, loaded with enough silt to create vegetable gardens for the whole county.

We are fortunate that none of those folks aquaplaning was injured. Favorite adjectives to describe the storm: insane, crazy, scary. I call it epic.

The really loud crack we heard at the library turned out to be lightning hitting the chimney at a local restaurant. It’s down by the river and floods pretty much every spring. No one would have predicted disaster to strike from above.

Our mayor, Dan Drew, deserves statewide — maybe national —  recognition for all the work he did to coordinate the various emergency responders and to keep residents informed about their work – and to warn as more bad weather approached. The man knows how to work Facebook and to provide the best constituent services.

Eversource, are you paying attention? The power company failed, again. My suggestion: Let’s follow Wallingford’s lead and establish a municipal electric company. #ditchEversource

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