Road Trip


Blog went on hiatus in part because I took a brief trip to Maine to visit a friend, clear my head, and write.

I was on the road at 9:30.

  • First surprise: There was no traffic at the 91-84 connector, a worrying sign because it might mean impossible traffic ahead. It didn’t. I drove longer than I should have because Massachusetts is the only state with rest stops only on the Pike.
  • Second surprise: D&D has a “flat white” – egg white, cheese, veggies on flatbread. It was greasy and salty but kept hunger at bay until dinner.
  • Third surprise, this one a pleasant shock: I was standing next to the car, wrangling the GPS at a rest stop in Maine when I heard someone call, “Liz, is that you?” It was a fellow hospital volunteer who lives about two miles from me. She and her boyfriend were visiting his family and their friends in Auburn.

Once I got off the highway, I followed empty two-lane roads through farm country, near the occasional lake. I arrived at the Air B&B on time. My hostess Margaret is a delight. She hails from St. Simons Island, and I made a note to look for the Old Saybrook connection. I know Mother said O.S. summer folk included a family who lived there.

The place is gorgeous. The above is the view from the patio of the “pond,” which is actually a lake, divided into two sections. The later pic of the full moon reflecting off the water did not turn out as well.

I visited with my friend who lives in the next town over for an hour or so and then made my way to the local general store where they sell homemade baked goods, along with pasta, toothpaste, etc. as well as beer and wine. I got a Greek salad that was supposed to be mixed greens but was nearly all spinach, along with some odd creamy dressing. Also picked up a delicious loaf of bread.

Spent a relaxing, quiet evening answering emails and reading. Watched Hair Spray and got a good night’s sleep.

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