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Some day, most of it spent driving. First a 20+ mile round-trip for the NYT to Rite Aid, which was closed at 8 a.m. Then across the street to Hannaford’s where the paper looked pancake thin until the cashier pointed to a huge pile next to and said, “I didn’t realize they went together.” The Arts and Leisure section had three parts, in four sections. That two were devoted to live theater warmed my heart.

Had more of the sublime coffee and the most heavenly quiche from the baked goods pro. Then for a run, managed a bit more this time but it was warmer and far more humid. For cool down I read a bit of the paper, which wrapped a page of the Real Estate section into the Business section and a page of the Metro into the main news. Getting less for more since Maine charges tax on newspapers.

For reasons I won’t go into I drove two hours roundtrip through camping country, one or two pretty neighborhoods, and looonnnggg stretches of trees. The cars turned to camper trailers and pickups. The one plus: gas cost $0.12 per/gal less 50 miles away, but still $.10 /gal more than Connecticut, which usually has some of the highest rates in the country.

Returned and sorted through some paperwork then had a delightful dinner with friends, reinforcing what a strong and vibrant community they share.

To end the evening I listened to a Steppenwolf Theater broadcast. Why does the poor state of Maine have much more sophisticated public radio than rich little Connecticut? Read a bit of Jane Austen’s England.

I woke Monday morning to magic. Since this is how I want to remember my stay, I will not recount the hours of rain and fog and bad traffic. So glad I went. So sad to leave.

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