Behind the Fallout

The video is outrageous and fun. The fallout is just outrageous. The Seattle Symphony on June 6 hosted hometown guy Sir Mix-A-Lot. He made a big name for himself in the 1990s with “Baby Got Back.” When Sir Mix asked for a little help on stage, the entire front portion filled with mostly young women, who mostly did not “got back” except for the lady in the black dress.

The You-Tube video now has more than two million hits. Likes out number dislikes by a ratio of better than one hundred to one.


So what was not to like? Well, some people are still dismayed about the lyrics. So close your ears. The words are a whole lot less offensive than the misogynist stuff that’s come down the pike before and since. Mix LIKES women, is not threatening, and is having a good laugh.

Classical purists didn’t like the hip-hop/rap overtones. Hey, the arranger was no less than Sergei Prokoviev’s grandson. He more than succeeded in getting people to talk about the place of classical music in contemporary culture. To the critics: Get ova yo’selves. After her first visit, the lady in black said she’d picked up a schedule for the orchestra and could well return.

Thanks to Puget Sound Business Journal  for info and links, and for a minimal number of butt jokes.

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