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In advance of my lecture at Chester Village West on Tuesday, I spent a delightful half hour with Dave Williams and Ibby Carothers at iCRV.com.

The motto of iCRV (internet Connecticut River Valley)  is “The Stream Feeding the River Valley,” and indeed it does. Gardening and farming (that includes “horse talk”), music, festivals and fairs, fundraisers and plays, it’s all in the stream.

My time there passed in a flash as I previewed the lecture “An African American Family in Connecticut: From Slavery to Triumph.” This was my second appearance, as I had appeared with Cynthia Clegg at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County’s program, “Feel Good Fridays.”

Dave and Ibby keep things lively with insightful questions. They are the best sort of interviewers because they listen to the responses and can engage in follow up. Many folks are too busy worrying about their next structured question to pay attention when something deserves more information.

So we covered the landscape: the ancestors, my mom whose birthday is today, a couple of teasers about the lecture. Plus I did a brief plug for the veterans’ writing project. We’re invited to conduct a session at the radio station.

“Stay tuned” for announcements about rebroadcasts of the interview.

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