I switched my iPhone from Safari to DuckDuckGo some time ago because I got tired of Safari following me around. Since I’m usually in a rush, I don’t look at Duck’s home page but decide to take a tour this evening. Here’s what I found:

  • From Time, the problem with pit bulls about the KFC’s request that a three-year old mauling victim leave the restaurant because her face was upsetting other diners.
  • From NPR, a story vitiligo, which causes the loss of pigment, and one woman’s handling it with humor.
  • From imgur, a photo of the snout and forepaws of a possum (?)  eating a carrot with caption “Saw this guy on our rug last night.”
  • Also imgur, “Tesla Headquarters updates their (sic) patent wall.”
  • A broken link to a letter from a Google employee’s daughter to his boss.
  • From Longform, a link to a New Republic article,”I Have Sinned Against the Lord and Against You! Will You Forgive Me?”
  • Also from Longform: “Porklife: How the modern pig farm came to be.”
  • From NYT: “It’s Official The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave.”
  • Original source not clear, but story appears on Reddit: “More Punk, Less Hell.”

And now back to more serious stuff, namely checking BBC news on what’s going on in Ukraine, Iraq, and limits on NSA spying.

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