The annual list of media corrections came out some time ago but is still worth reviewing. It’s long, so I’ll give the highlights.

Errors in geography occurred on both sides of the Atlantic. Following on Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe, the NYTimes confused Aleppo, Raqqa, and Damascus. Meanwhile the Guardian went Down South, Up North, and South Down all at once. And MIC moved a university from Scotland to England.

In some cases the correction seems irrelevant as when the NYT said there were seven not nine stones in the bride’s engagement ring. I’m sure the editor who took that call/email was just thrilled.

I find the most outrageous goofs the ones that appear in LARGE TYPE, such as “Trump Wienery.”

This one from CNN’s obituary about Fidel Castro  had decades to update, so there’s no excuse: “One Castro or another has ruled Cuba over a period that spans seven decades and 11 U.S. presidents. Fidel Castro outlived six of those presidents, [[[NOTE: change to seven if George H.W. Bush dies before Castro]]] …”

Write on!

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