RIP, my dear little girl

It’s the fourth anniversary of her death. I can’t believe it. Never did write a proper tribute because it hurt too much.

Every afternoon I still think of her as I make my way from study to kitchen, saying, “It’s tea time.” I used to add, “Baby Ise.” That came about because when my mother was dying one of her friends brought her a Beanie Baby (remember those?) that Mother told me was “Baby Isis.” It was actually a chipmunk, but I went along.

After Mother died, Daddy was ready to pitch it until I told him how much Beanie Babies  were commanding on the resale market. I still have it around here somewhere, but it’s in a closet. I wouldn’t let the real-deal Isis near it. No need for her to tear up her namesake.


One thought on “RIP, my dear little girl”

  1. Liz, my Siamese furbaby , Elizabeth, died almost 6 years ago at the age of 18. She was my soulmate; never felt the same way about any other cat, before or after her. Still mourn, even though I have another – she’s not even near the same. My sympathy to you, I know you understand this.

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