Friday Follies

All work stopped when ebook loans dropped I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats. Francesco Marciuliano claims in his author bio that it took him thirty years to learn to spell his name. Don’t believe the hype. Rather thrill in the voices of felines at play and in angst. Also laugh over the photographs, especially the three-week-old who hasn’t learned to understand human yet.

Here are the words in the voices of felines  owned by the Petry family. Noble Mr. Toby declaims, “O Christmas Tree,” which concludes: “The tree looks better on its side/O I really do think so.”

Cute/punk Leo recites “Cat Proverb”: “They say there are/Twenty-four hours in a day/But I’m only up for three of them/And two I consider overtime.”

Isis embodies “Nine Lives”: “The first is for running.” Then comes staring, climbing, tearing, then sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. “The ninth is for writing my memoirs.”

A spirit lift on a dreary Friday.

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