Mo’ Mojo

This is an edited because I went to hear “Guitar” George Baker tonight. A smaller but more appreciative crowd than before.

georgebI’ve heard more live music in the last few days than I’ve heard in a year. (This was from 2009). Baker is a hidden treasure, living in New Haven. He’s been around the music scene for years, having played with the Drifters and Melba Moore, and serving as Marvin Gaye’s musical director.

The man can certainly gig. Backed up by a bass guitar and drums, Baker played and sang blues and jazz – did a great rendition of “Dock of the Bay.” And his instrumental version of “Yesterday” was beyond compare. “Rising Sun Blues,” matches the best. Next time, outside on the patio! It’s a shame that he seems to have recorded only one CD. “Mojo Lady” is a definite addition to my CD, now streaming, collection.

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