What I’m Watching Now (White Helmets)

Another in the series and another that I watched when the cast held my hand captive.

This gruesome and uplifting short documentary deserved the Oscar  its portrait of the intrepid people who rescue war victims in Syria. They who serve as paramedics and EMTs while risking their lives from bombs and mortar fire. They display their passion and determination in their searches for the living and the dead in collapsed buildings and without pause race through the streets to the next crisis.

Questions that seemed to go unanswered: where does the money come from to supply equipment and support the training in camp in Turkey? Do the White Helmets earn a living? They treat people regardless of affiliation, so it seems they could be manipulated out of existence.

The denouement is especially poignant. I realize cultural and religious norms prevent revealing anything about women, but it’s sad that the second most important person in that part of the story was represented by  just a full-length black robe covering even her eyes. Wasn’t there some way to communicate her emotion?

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