Happy 100th, Lil!

Lillian White, 100

Here’s the letter I’m writing to a former Middletown Press colleague in honor of her one-hundredth birthday.

Dear Lil,

You were the one person at every reunion who didn’t need a nametag. Everyone knew Lil White. We remember your sparkling eyes and your great smile. You kept the Advertising Department running like a well-oiled machine. (Was it true they had to hire two people when you retired?!)

You have over the years become an inspiration to us all as you have maintained your spirit and your liveliness. Watching former bosses pay homage to you was the best.

Inquiring minds want to know: What’s your secret to longevity? We all need to follow your example.

May you continue to grace us with your presence at the reunions.

Many happy returns, Lil.



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