Sushi Friday

Sake Cafe

1105 Silas Deane Highway

Wethersfield, CT

sakeI gave this place a B+ when I first visited in 2011 because the quality of the fish and its artistic presentation. Those two big pluses are still true. A tipi-like mound of daikon balanced the fish. They are, however, ungracious to customers. The menu still says 13 pieces sashimi but it turned out to be 9 – two each salmon, tuna, escolar, yellowtail wrapped in julienned cucumber with a sprinkling of tobiko, and one snapper.

ESPN still plays on TV with sound up, clashing with music I couldn’t identify. The waitress forgot to bring soup, then brought soup and salad, which was not listed on the menu. It remains insipid, drowning in dressing and water with a few shreds of carrot, purple cabbage, and mesclun along side the iceberg. The miso made a better appearance better than on earlier visits as it had an interesting tang.

Parking remains plentiful and free but also crazy at the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend with people charging into TJ Maxx and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The screams and smells from the hibachi room add an unpleasant note. Ditto the sizzling beef? pork? that went by as I was finishing my lunch.

As of 5/23/14: Grade B –

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