Leaving Carmel Valley 

Being written in the Vegas airport. Yesterday morning we met John and Kathryn’s mother at the Wild Goose for breakfast. I had a huge serving of lox on a bagel and ate the other half as we awaited our hotel room in San Jose.

John’s accounts of military experiences are fascinating. They were driving half way back to Klamath Falls where Mrs. Golden lives, on Monday and completing the trip on Tuesday.

We returned to the room and finished packing, then made a straight shot to San Jose, about an hour and a half. Passed through Gilroy. I would have loved to see the garlic museum. We arrived at one and were told the room wouldn’t be ready until 2:30.

We discovered on check-in that the Holiday Inn normally charges $13 a day to park. That major piece of information was not on the web site. Reacting to our dismay, the receptionist waived the fee. The room was small – queen size bed, which occupied ninety percent of the space. It took us a while to figure out the a/c, which made a racket on and off all night, sounding like an airplane was taking off next to my head. There was no full-length mirror, only one tiny cake of soap. We received the wrong password for the Wi-Fi over the phone before I noticed that the information was on the holder for the keys, a piece of information that the receptionist neglected to mention. The curtains didn’t close all the way.

The safe-deposit boxes (real boxes with two keys) are in the office, which means one has to go behind the reception desk, accompanied by an employee. The woman assigned me a box without looking to see what I was storing. She should have realized that my laptop wouldn’t fit in a four inch by six-inch box.

Larry went to run an errand. I made tea with bags that I had brought since the room only offered coffee. In the bathroom, I discovered my first toilet with separate flush functions for “No. 1” – a half black, half white circle, and “No. 2,” an all black circle. Wow!

Then I called Lucey, and we made arrangements to go to her house for dinner.

After we showered and changed we proceeded to Menlo Park (homeland of Facebook) through the homelands of Apple and Google. The highway  going the opposite direction was a parking lot for most of the way, but we managed the “outbound” trip in about thirty minutes. Lucey has a Mini-Cooper, which she says gets dreadful gas mileage and requires high-test gas. I’m still jealous!

She regaled us with her efforts to do Japanese scroll painting on rice paper with gold metallic paint. I thought her practice works looked gorgeous. The scroll is for her teachers at the S.F. Museum of Asian Art, from which she is about to graduate as a docent after three years. She was using a beautifully illustrated The Story of Genji as a model. I didn’t know it had come in in more than the edition I read with small pen-and-ink images, but she said it was rather like Beowulf, with many editions. I tried to send my blog entries on the book, but the computer gods swallowed them.

Dick arrived shortly, and we opened the Heather’s Hill wine, which they loved. Larry had ginger beer, which he loved. We chatted, inside because it was hot, hot, hot. They have a/c operated w/ solar power, which makes total sense.

Dinner was roast chicken with a soul-satisfying Massaman curry and rice, the latter cooked in a traditional cast iron rice pot with a wooden top. Even if I can’t get the Mini, I’ll get the rice cooker! Tried to post a photo but was denied “for security reasons.”

Larry asked if he could watch the end of the UConn game. He and Dick bonded over that while Lucey showed me the gorgeous workspace that is her studio, which had been a garage, and the grounds, which have the most glorious lush plantings. We discussed her book plans and I made a mental note to send her information on the Collier brothers’ My Brother Sam Is Dead, which is set in Redding, Connecticut and depicts the ambivalence and in some cases hostility to the colonists’ position, all relevant to one of her projects.

Larry and I left after UConn won the NCAA title. Uncle Willard called while we were en route back to the hotel. We promised to talk when we returned Connecticut.

I did not sleep well because of the a/c racket and lights from the parking lot.


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