Denver, Day 4

Omitted from the Botanic Garden visit: the glorious river of stones. These are small stones arranged along several paths. They resemble the flow and eddies of a moving stream. It became a little taste of New England – and of Asia – in the midst of high desert.

An interesting day. Susan and Marcia embarked on a cleanup campaign in the yard despite my urging them that the work could wait. We all slowed down when Susan discovered that the air quality raring was an F. Outrageous. Between the quality and the temps – 90s – we did not take a walk. The living room is perfect for stretching, and a yoga session banished the final kinks in my back from the flight.

After dinner we had a delightful evening watching Today’s Special. The best sort of day, filled with good company, good food, and lots of laughs – though not as riotous as the Nead incident.

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