Denver Day 5

Today was my day Marcia and I made jambalaya. We did most of the work in the a.m. and let everything meld until dinnertime. It succeeded, except that I forgot that water boils at 180, not 212. The rice came out ok, but it took me a while to figure out why it was still extremely al dente after twenty minutes. Ditto with the shrimp, which took twice as long to cook. Susan wants the recipe.

In the afternoon, we did a run to Target, also more civilized than any of the three near me. Politesse reigned in the parking lot and in the store, among the staff and other shoppers.

Then a quick lunch at Tokyo Joe’s, a mini-chain that hasn’t made it this far East. It’s a shame because the miso soup and veggie roll were both equal to a traditional sushi restaurant.

No walk, but stretches kept the joints and ligaments in shape.

The day concluded with a scintillating dinner that included next-door neighbor Sue, who grew up in Connecticut. I think even the boys who claimed to hate shrimp devoured a goodly portion of the bayou stew.

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