My medical coverage ran out for therapy on my hand. So much for the restoring full function.

This is what cured looks like.

Of course I’ll continue to wear the brace at night and the joint jack three times a day. Plus I’ll do the seven exercises (eight on alternate days.)

Last night I woke up with about a number 8 pain. Hope it improves.

2 thoughts on “‘Cured’”

  1. I feel your pain. Sorry. Our medical system is so flawed.
    My MD said the pneumonia shot was covered by Medicare & I questioned her.
    She double checked with the Bookkeeper…oh, yes, Medicare covers it!
    Lo & behold……NOT COVERED!
    And, there were 2 charges: one for the solution–about $350 & another about $60 for the Nurse to stick me!
    Thank goodness I have 3 insurances plus I will be calling the MD’s office & they will adjust that shot because I could have gotten it FREE at the Subase!

    1. Wow! I think I paid nothing for the first one and $13 for the booster. The thing that galls me — the herpes shot is $200 but I paid $5 for a $15 bottle of 40 oxycodone. That’s what should cost $200 — per pill. I took one and the rest are going to the drug return. We should all compile our med horror stories. Thanks for sharing.

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