What I Read on the Trip (Forgotten Affairs of Youth)

Another in the series. It has been my habit to read Alexander McCall Smith while traveling, but I usually don’t get to compare Precious Ramotswe and Isabel Dalhousie in such close proximity.

This time I began The Forgotten Affairs of Youth immediately upon completing The Good Husband of Zebra Drive. It still amazes me that AMS, a white man, can write with equal facility in the voice of women from Africa and Scotland and sound convincing in both.

Forgotten Affairs finds Miss Dalhousie aiding a young woman born in Scotland and adopted by Australians who returns in search of her father. The resolution was not as satisfying as I could have wished, but it was probably the best from the perspective of one who specializes in applied ethics. The rest of the book follows the Dalhousie format with the newest chapter in niece Cat’s love life, enchantment at son Charlie, contentment with gorgeous fiancé Jamie. (Isabel is not only a philosopher, she’s a cougar.)

Despite their flaws, these books make the best traveling companions. I’m ready to load up for the next trip.

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