Awesome Awnings

Not ours but similar.

In the midst of all my work,  our retractable awning conked out. I put it out Tuesday morning. It made extra loud clunking noises but returned home – most of the way. I went looking for the paperwork. We’ve had it so long I couldn’t find anything and gave up around 10:30 p.m.

Wednesday a.m. it floated into place but didn’t budge when I hit the remote to retract it. Still not able to find any paperwork I went on Google. Putting together a few pieces of information, I came up with Awnings and Rooms Unlimited.

Lynette returned my call  within the hour. She said Steve had three installations Thursday and a full day Friday, but she’d talk to him and see if he’d at least get it retracted before the rain that’s predicted for Friday night.

She called back  with a couple of questions and said she’d let me know a time soon. An hour later she said he was on his way. Given the location of the office, I figured it would be a minimum of twenty minutes before he arrived.

I didn’t check the time exactly, but it seemed I’d barely put down the phone when the truck pulled up. Steve and his two assistants assessed the situation. In about a half hour, he had fixed the arm on the awning and replaced a piece of the motor, which had chewed through part of the plastic housing.

And when I asked how much I owed, he shook my hand and said, “This one’s on me, kid!” I think I said thank you. He was back on the truck before I recovered fully.

This is what great customer service looks like.

Thank you, Steve and Lynette!

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