Sushi Friday Update


There has been one addition to the list of sushi restaurants since the last review in October 2016. Actually, two, but one was for dinner before going to California in December and again before the flight to Colorado. At some point I’ll review these two places. In the meantime here’s an update on some I’ve frequented in the past.

  • Asahi Japanese Restaurant– Rocky Hill. I stopped going because my clothes always smelled like fried pork when I left. Still get occasional takeout, but it’s just enough out of the way to be inconvenient.
  • Mikado Sushi Bar and Grill – Middletown. Will get takeout but stopped eating in because of a beyond rude waitress who insisted I pay the check before I’d finished eating.
  • Sakura Garden – Glastonbury. Stopped going because the chef swept the floor behind the sushi bar, then started preparing food without washing his hands.
  • Sushi California and Teppanyaki Grill – Newington. Stopped going because the ditzy waitress swept dirt over my feet as I was leaving.
  • Moonlight Sushi Bar and Grill– Middletown. Stopped going because of terrible service and probably the worst rolls I’ve ever eaten.
  • Kuyi Sushi – Cromwell. Will not eat in because my clothes always smelled like fried pork when I left. Will get takeout.
  • Hachi – Middletown. Will not eat in because of odd waitresses who say “no problem” no matter what the patron says and who hover no matter how busy it is. Will get takeout.

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