What I’m Watching Now (Queen of Katwe)

Another in the series. Queen of Katwe is one of those movies that made such an impact I could hear the voices of the stars in my head for days afterward. Also my dreams were filled with the technicolors of the robes and head wraps. There was one scene in which a woman tied a tignon, though by another name. That will lead to a rewind.

Queen of Katwe is the true rags-to-riches story of Phiona who lives with her mother and younger brother and older sister in dire poverty the poorest section of Katwe. David Oyelowo, who plays the organizer of a chess club for children, and Lupita Nyogn’o, as Phiona’s mother, provide the solid and brilliant platform that launches Madina Nalwanga into the stratosphere. As Phiona, she is by turns terrified, hesitant, despairing, intense, joyful – all seemingly portrayed with utter ease.

The only questions: Why is chess included in the pantheon of ESPN sports? Why didn’t Disney allow for grittier details in the early scenes in Katwe?

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