Syracuse Day Two

The day began with a walk through part of the same subdivision and then out onto a road that started as gentle but worked into a pretty serious incline. Along the way a tiny church hall appeared on the right. Betsy figured out it was a Polish National Catholic church. Not sure what connection it has to the R. C. church.

I muddled around for a good part of the day trying to get a handle on my current project, creating and rejecting ideas, scribbling, rearranging notecards, reading some McPhee on structure. When I hit a wall, I walked around the building and up and down the halls. The sight of the puny exercise room made  me resolve to venture outside unless it was pouring, which had been threatened for Sunday but of course was being postponed until Monday when it was time to drive home.

In the late afternoon we went to the most enormous Target either of us had ever seen. Dinner was at Yamasho Sushi Steakhouse. Not quite the pyrotechnics of the previous day but two shooting flames from the hibachi contributed some excitement. Nice touch with edamame offered when we sat down. My chirashi had all the usual fish, suitably fresh over sushi rice, plus fine-chopped pickled veggies. I recognized the daikon but never learned the names of the others because our waiter didn’t like pickles. The restaurant was in a shopping center with a Price Chopper and a Citizen’s Bank so I felt right at home.

The Syracuse suburbs are a study in contrasts – some obvious middle and upper-middle class and some clearly rundown and poor.

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