Home From Syracuse

The weather map showed lots of green, along with some yellow and orange. But the wind seemed to be blowing the storm eastward, so I hoped to drive behind it. All went well for the first hundred and fifty miles. Showers began just after I pulled away from the rest stop near Albany.

Conditions remained manageable even through the mountains, though I had to keep a grip on the wheel and could just barely wiggle my fingers. No serious exercises, which had kept things under control on the way out. Twice I got caught behind slow-moving behemoths spewing plumes of water. Odd that the downpour let up a bit to at the rest stop in Lee, Mass.

By the time I approached Springfield, the visibility had dropped to almost zero and the rain escalated. Putting the wipers on fast didn’t help.

On the plus side, the speed limit dropped to about forty, but that was mainly because construction had cut off a lane on I-91. That road stays in perpetual rush hour. Compounding the problem – almost no one puts on their headlights, which I thought was a law – maybe that’s just in Connecticut.

Anyway, five and half hours after I left, I pulled off the highway and made my way home to nurse my hand, especially the two fingers that had gone numb just outside Longmeadow.

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