Sweet Dreams

To:  Donald Trump

Fm: the extended Lane family

A mille from that gold-plated golf course where you will be living for the next two-plus weeks sits the Lamington Black Cemetery. At least seven Lane ancestors are buried there. The number is likely much higher since only thirty-six of the roughly one hundred gravestones bear legible names.

The Lanes who rest near you include three manumitted slaves. Where you ride around in a golf cart, they farmed and labored in other people’s fields and houses.

Among those buried at Lamington is a Civil War soldier who died two months after Fort Sumter. A second may lie there, too, in an unmarked grave. He was member of the U.S. Colored Troops who lived for more than twenty years as a disabled veteran. A murder victim may be buried there as well. No one knows the whereabouts of the girl who was stolen.

Those resting elsewhere include a woman who lived to be 104. Her grandson became the first African American to receive a pharmacy license from the state of Connecticut. His daughter was a bestselling author and my mother.

Most of the family left the area because the soils were not conducive to farming. (There is a reason they call it Sourland Mountain.) Among others not buried there (that we know of) are the conjure women, also the man who carried a toad in his pocket and had red eyes and could levitate. They watch over our family.

Sweet dreams.

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  1. Thank you, for this! Your post reminds me of my favorite short story by your mother, “The Bones of Louella Brown.”

    I would have described your mother as pioneering and critically acclaimed. She was a treasure. I would have valued her sardonic, measured, and thoughtful perspective on this surreal moment in which we’ve found ourselves.

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