RIP, Dick Gregory

Dear Mr. Gregory,

You have been in my life since I can remember. We didn’t have a TV so I only watched you very occasionally, but you were still in and around my world.

You were a man far ahead of your time. Your emphasis on helping African Americans live healthier lives needs to be delivered again and again. Maybe renewed interest in your books will help us survive the current storms.

We collectively thank you for your comic progeny: Chris Rock, Dave Chappell, Richard Pryor.

Every time I watched or read it made me take a harder look at this country as I was laughing. The one item that has stuck must have come from one of your early publications, but I can’t find it online.

You began your alphabetical list of American states with Alaska.

The interviewer asked, “But, Dick, doesn’t Alabama come before Alaska?”

“Not in my book!”

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