Looking for Reassurance

To my relatives in South Louisiana, please let me know you are OK. Folks from Texas have been checking in. I know you weren’t in Harvey’s direct path on Friday and Saturday, but those larger circles included Abbeville. Also noted that the weather service has added purple to the rainfall measure because it went off the yellow-red scale.

You took a major hit during Rita, plus you’ve been through lots of smaller floods since. Having been there in just a normal rainstorm, I know that it only takes a bit of water to close roads and turn the bayous into one big lake.

I tried to call on Friday and Saturday but got no answer from Cousin Elsie.

It looks as though you had at least one tornado, which is not surprising, and already some flooding. Now the storm is headed back your way, so you may be in more serious danger. The weather forecast is that you’ll have heavy rain through Wednesday and continuing showers etc. till Friday at least. Those are not good signs for an area that’s scarcely above sea level.

I love your little town and hope you will all be safe and back to normal in just a few days.

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