This is the first redux since May 2016, so it’ll appear in several installments.

  • Hachi no longer has the same appeal. It’s OK for take-out, but the waitresses greet every request with “no problem,” and they think a glass of wine is about three ounces.
  • No more Dave Robicheaux novels. These mysteries feature the Cajun deputy sheriff in the New Iberia Parish. I was reading them to learn about my father’s hometown. A frightening and disgusting article in the New York Times Magazine brought that to the end. Published February 12, 2017, “The Preacher and the Sheriff” told the story in the lead-in: ”A young black man, hands shackled behind him, is shot to death – and the police say he killed himself. The resulting investigation has pitted the victim’s father, a Baptist minister, against the most powerful man in New Iberia, La.”
  • The Fire This Time covered three blog posts (Aug. 9,  Aug. 16, Aug. 18 ). It is even more relevant now than it was a year ago.
  • Hurricane/TS Harvey has me flashing back to the night I got trapped in my car about a half-mile from home. (“Farm Hill Road Whitecaps” and “Aftermath”) Can’t imagine being stuck for a day or more.
  • Still missing Luis Carlos Montalván and Tuesday (Sept. 2, May 19, 2017)
  • To end on an upbeat note, I’m plotting a return trip to Maine, a glorious place to spend a weekend in New England.

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