More Redux

  • It seems that I posted more than the usual number of weather related blogs, including this plea to friends and family in the path of Hurricane Matthew. More neon colors and more anxiety. So glad to hear from my cousin Elsie today that Abbeville didn’t get any water. She’s worried, though, about her sister and cousins  in Houston. I remember being incredulous when my environmental law professor said that Houston refused to have a zoning code because people thought it was a left-wing conspiracy. I had just assumed that at some point they had seen the light. But no.
  • Two great sessions on iCRV radio. The first previewed my appearance at Chester Village West, talking about the family letters and the film. The second featured some of the veterans from the writing workshop.
  • My pleas to vote are even more critical now. The way to flatten the waves of racism and xenophobia spreading around the country is to start on the local level. Once again I will cast a ballot in November for those who couldn’t.
  • Still missing the dear little feline . Simon’s Cat compensates to some degree, but I have to ration, otherwise the entire day goes to the cats.
  • The saga of my recovery from surgery (multiple posts) continues, but I decided to spare folks more details.
  • Of course Isis and Simon’s cat weren’t the only felines. I still laugh out loud at I Could Pee on This.

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