Gas Gouge

I bought gas the day the owners of the drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico announced shutdowns in anticipation of Harvey. This was days before the storm got anywhere near Texas, I paid $2.34 per gallon for regular, the same as a few weeks before.

On Sept. 1, the price around the area was plus or minus $2.60, compared to $2.51 nationally. That day I saw one station at $2.71 and an Exxon station gouging for $2.99.

The price at my station on Labor Day was $2.75, still below the Connecticut average of $2.84 but above the $2.64 nationally.

The stations raised their prices in anticipation of the shutdown, since the gas sitting in the Gulf could not possibly have gotten to Connecticut over night. Plus it would have been at the pre-Harvey price.

Can’t wait to see if prices drop, and if they do, how long it takes.

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