USPS Sloth

Another consumer complaint. An organization in central Connecticut mailed a first-class letter to California on August 10. It arrived on September 5. This journey of nearly a month is a clear indication that the infrastructure in this country is collapsing.

When I lived in Philadelphia in the 1980s, my parents and I would compare notes on how long it took a letter to arrive. Theirs almost always arrived within three to four days. Mine could take anywhere from two days to a week depending on where I mailed it. For whatever weird reason mailing it from the main post office seemed to add extra time. On occasion it would take more than a week but usually only during blizzards or other natural disasters. I do remember Mother writing a nasty letter, as only she could, to the postmaster general complaining about a letter that arrived mangled and much delayed. I think she received an abject letter of apology, which arrived promptly.

Regarding that letter to California, normal delivery now takes four or five days. The distance is about 3,000 miles. Trains take about three days. Leisurely driving a week, plus. I can only assume that USPS has reinstated the pony express and that  the horses collapsed.

From now on it’s FedEx even if it means driving twenty minutes to the office.

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