Paragon of Blindness

No, it’s not your eyes…

It looks like the company that makes my contacts wants me to go blind. I picked up a new pair of lenses yesterday. That endless blah blah blah of uses, side effects, contra-indications, etc. known as the package insert caught my eye. Maybe I should say it distressed my eyes. One glance and I became convinced that Paragon Vision Sciences wants me to lose what little eyesight I have. The type was so small that I couldn’t read beyond the FP or PFP, the words “package insert,” the name of the company, and some weird looking graph. That’s with or without lenses. All that type was much larger than the rest of the content. In the address line, the “P” in “Paragon” measured less than four points on the line gauge, so the rest must be two or maybe one. I can’t replicate the type here because the point size option on the computer only goes down to eight.

An online search only produced endless promotion of curing the epidemic of myopia.

A little thought might suggest that putting an obstacle in the way of my reading would be a terrible plan since they could lose a customer who earns them $600 per pair.

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