Honolulu Exploring

The view from the lanai at Mark’s.

Our first full day offered cloudy weather, along with good coffee and a short walk, More coffee (tea for me) at Starbucks because of the opportunity to use the internet, followed by  a bit of shopping.

Not happy to see the name Bingham Street during our evening drive.  That family could be considered a destroyer of worlds. On our way to dinner we walked through the courtyard of Mark’s church where a group had convened to put the final touches on a mega fundraiser. As the chairperson of the silent auction portion of the event, Mark was busy for a good part of our visit.

The star of the location is a banyan tree so large it would take ten or more people to circle the trunk. It dominated the grounds around the church and could provide shelter except in the worst rain storms. It looked truly magical in the daylight bright moon glow.

We dined at a small Greek restaurant where the hummus, falafel, etc. excelled. The service faltered, though, because the young man saw himself as a writer, not a waiter, hence his lack of knowledge of the menu.

The highlight of the day featured a collection of covers from Time that Mark’s mother started and he continued.  Interesting to see that the image of Hitler included the swastika but that was in the 1930s. These covers could form the basis for a world history course that would engage rather than repel students.

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