Hope for the Future

The ancestors are smiling.

The travel log is taking the day off so I can write about the morning I spent with Professor Jesse Nasta’s class in African American Women’s History. It was a privilege to contribute to the discussion of where we came from, beginning in the seventeenth century – and perhaps examine where we are headed.

As part of the study of the World War II and post-war eras, the class read Ann Petry’s “The Bones of Louella Brown” and the opening pages of At Home Inside.

I hope the students gained a better understanding of her work and of the family who produced her. I came away with a deep appreciation of how engaged and inquiring they were – before 9 a.m. on the day they were scheduled to leave for Thanksgiving.  It was a true honor.

Over the last weeks I’ve been talking about three folks under age 35 who give me hope that the world will be in good hands when we aging folks are no longer around. (Jesse is one of them).  After today I have a dozen more to add to that list.

Even though the class ends this semester, I have the feeling that their quest for knowledge will continue and that they will make significant contributions to society.

Thank you, Jesse, for inviting me to share my family’s story. You have given me a gift of untold worth.

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