Returning Home

After little sleep in the hotel, we skipped coffee in the room and  breakfast at the hotel in favor of returning the car and checking in for the flight.

The drive consisted of about seven minutes, and that included one drive around the block because we misunderstood Siri. Our San Jose airport experience outbound was as easy as it was inbound.

We were both TSA pre-screened (no removal of 311 liquids, shoes, computer, jacket) and had plenty of time for breakfast at San Jose Joe’s. Larry had eggs, an enormous pile of bacon, some toast, and home fries, most of which stayed on the plate. I had a blueberry muffin with strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe and watermelon. I somehow forgot to mention that we had been eating fabulous fruit throughout the trip, and I wanted a final celebration.

Can’t believe I forgot to mention that among the fruits were Meyer lemon trees growing all around the pool area at the Country Garden Inns, and that Manager Sunil told us to pick as many as we wanted. I dodged a bunch of honey bees, who seemed only interested in the flowers and  actually ate one off the tree. Besides bearing fruit and flower at the same time, it offers an oddity in flavor:  a cross between a traditional lemon and an orange in sweetness and intense lemon scent and taste. We took some to Lucey, who raved because theirs had gone by.

Breakfast set us up for an uneventful flight to Las Vegas. Then Larry discovered that the leg from L.V. to Hartford was going to be delayed for two hours. He was not happy because he expected to be able to catch the last half of the women’s game. As it turned out we arrived at 10:16 p.m. instead of 8:50 and caught the last two minutes on the TV in the terminal.

It was a mystery to me why the flight that left five minutes before ours departed on time and ours had to have the plane with equipment problems that had to wait for a replacement from Burbank.

Biggest disappointment: the message from Southwest about the flight delay arrived the next day even though I was on my phone in the terminal when it appeared on the (very limited) flight information boards.

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