Denver Day 3, Wedding Prep

Being written in the Orlando airport, where my flight to Hartford is delayed FIVE hours because of equipment problems. Did I receive notice? Of course not! Later update: perhaps delayed ten hours.

Southwest’s rotten communications will conclude this series of posts.

So Tuesday  morning – wedding day – Marcia and I had a quick cup of tea and then headed to Spinelli’s for biscotti, which she had to buy in a box because they hadn’t baked the homemade version. I bought this amazing boule – rough country bread.

We dropped off the goodies and then headed back to Target for more wine and more lights, Sam having done a fabulous job stringing what we bought on Sunday. Marcia realized that they needed half-and-half also. By the time we pulled into the lot, Susan had texted a real  shopping list, and we exited with another pile o’  stuff, which included a ten-percent discount on another six bottles of Ravenswood, which everyone adores.

Back at the ranch, Marcia and I joined Valerie, Jim, and Debbie for breakfast on the patio. We formulated a plan for the evening, one with rain, one without.

A good part of the rest of the day was spent persuading Susan to rest, which she mostly did. Valerie and I helped them choose their outfits. After some back and forth and to and fro, they both looked elegant. (Photos tomorrow),

People began to arrive about 45 mins. before wedding time. Delaine had everything under control, and we all jumped to her bidding, though she described herself as the “indentured” maid of honor.

Tom Willard had called earlier to see if he could bring a copy of The Street for me to sign. I told him I didn’t usually sign my mom’s books, but I’d make an exception for him. He said he wanted it “In loving memory of my mother.” When I said yes, he said, “I love you.”

Susan and Marcia have the most fabulous collection of friends, who all adore them. Here’s an example of way: I was finishing the commentary on the vets’ writings while everyone else was  eating lunch. I heard Marcia say, “I’ll be there in just a minute. I just want to see if Liz wants lunch.” I love that woman!

I declined lunch, having eaten a huge serving of bread and cheese for breakfast. Everyone sat around asking what should we do? Debbie and Jim went to pick up the cake. We maintained a vigil for Zoe, the resident canine, to keep her from the food. She had found her way into a  sealed package of macadamia nuts and wound up tied to a tree in the lower yard.

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