Denver Day 3: The Wedding



The weather held, and we were outside. It is truly amazing that one can sit at dusk, on grass, and not get bitten alive and also not become a tiny puddle from the humidity when it’s 80-plus degrees.

Marcia and Susan looked elegant. Marcia wore a print shirt, black background with white flowers and green accents, white capris. Susan a beautiful white silk blouse and black capris. At one point, Marcia was going to wear a white silk blouse, and I offered her my turquoise earrings and necklace, which covered old, borrowed, and blue. She wound up with Susan’s mother’s topaz – a stunning piece, and Susan wore my turquoise, making jokes about how she loved it so much she wanted to keep it but did understand the concept of “borrowed.”

Their vows were simple and heart-felt and beautiful, about how they met and went to a movie that sounded truly awful and didn’t move in after the second date, which is apparently a stereotype for lesbians.

Cecile, the other bridesmaid, and I both spoke briefly about how we’d been bugging Marcia and Susan to get married – me offering wedding planning services and a justice of the peace in Connecticut, and Cecile pushing Iowa. We all decided that their own backyard in Denver was the ideal spot. Sam said how much he valued his moms and all they’d done for him – as did Tim.

After we ate, Tim and Rebecca, his girlfriend, sang. Before they started, Tim said, “We have a special surprise – and someone yelled, “A stripper.” Rebecca’s mother said – loud, loud, loud, “It better not be – that’s my daughter up there.”

There was so much food I didn’t even get to look at it all – ate a fabulous samosa, some chips with a ton of pico de gallo, a ton of shrimp, a piece of spice bread, and much much later a piece of very sweet, almond-flavored wedding cake. There was also pulled pork, little sandwiches, and I don’t know what all else.

Besides Tom, the O.S. contingent included Marcia’s brother David, who was accompanied by his wife Joan.

The party wound up about 11 and the cleanup about midnight. I was not at all sleepy but finally succumbed at about 2 only to wake up at 4 – 45 mins before I needed to get up.

I kept trying to persuade Marcia to let me catch transportation to DI, knowing full well that she’d turn me down.

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