What I’m Reading Now

As mentioned in the November 21 entry, I continued my travel practice of choosing books about places at complete odds with my surroundings. Previous excursions included reading Angela’s Ashes on the beach in Hawaii and getting furious with Mexican men as I read The Feminine Mystique in and around Guadalajara.

Large numbers of old (early 2107) New Yorker magazines occupied the beginning of the trip. Downloads on the iPad included The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, a Great Migration story, and several Alexander McCall Smith novels. The title of The Double Comfort Safari Club featuring Precious Ramotswe promised a cozy mystery in Botswana. Isabel Dalhousie’s philosophical meanderings always challenge, so I added The Novel Habits of Happiness and The Perils of Morning Coffee. They ensured I’d be sipping coffee in Edinburgh while sipping green tea in Nara.

At the Honolulu airport I bought Swing Time by Zadie Smith and Song of the Lion, which to my delight features the return of Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn – plus a woman police officer. Did not know that Tony Hillerman’s daughter had continued the franchise.

Long plane rides and down time in hotel rooms meant that I finished most of what I carried, along with a couple of editions of English-language newspapers, which contained international news to put all but the biggest American papers to shame.

Over the next weeks I’ll write about each, ending with The Double Comfort Safari Club, which I started on the flight to Connecticut and haven’t had chance to finish.

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