What I’m Reading Now (Novel Habits of Happiness)

As mentioned, I loaded up the iPad with books before I left for Japan and managed to read some en route and upon return. The Novel Habits of Happiness is another of the Isabel Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith. In this case it was not terribly memorable, including the title, maybe because it bore little resemblance to the contents of the book.

This one gets off to a slow, slow start. Then it feels rushed, not up to the quality of the earlier mysteries. Isabel agrees to help a woman whose young son believes he lived with another family and needs to goes back to them even though he’ll be dead. Also, Isabel’s niece Cat, who has a new lover in pretty much every book, shows up with one who upsets Isabel more than usual, despite the calming effects of her husband, an earlier Cat lover. And the men who tried to kick her off the Review of Applied Ethics are back in town. Too much action for a mere 189 pages.

There is one major redeeming quality here. The descriptions of the bleak beauty of the highlands and the Ardnamurchan peninsula suit the work – and my mood.

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