Leaving Denver

O.S. crew: Marcia, Tom, Liz, David, Anna
O.S. crew: Marcia, Tom, Liz, David, Anna

I arose at 4:30-ish and finished packing. Marcia was up by 5, and we left before our target hour of 5:15. Minimal traffic meant I was in the airport at 5:35. So sad to be leaving my dear friend, but so happy for her.

Grabbed coffee, then couldn’t find my boarding pass. The guy took my id. instead. I lucked out with an aisle seat in the thrid row because the young woman in the window seat had to purchase two seats. I feel soooo sorry for her. She seemed to be drinking water and eating throughout except for a brief nap.

The flight was delayed by at least 45 minutes because “a crew member” was late. Right at departure time the announcement came over that “the person” was in the airport. My seat mate started to laugh and said this had happened before. She had made 6 or 8 trips, and the pilot was late for at least two.

SW Snafu No. 1) The airline emailed a status change for the flight saying it was now scheduled for 7 a.m. Problems: The email went out at 8:53 a.m., and I received it at 12:45 p.m. when I arrived in Orlando.

Once the flight took off, the pilot left the fasten seat belt sign on for forever. He took it down for about three mintues and then put it back up because of “anticipated turbulence” or some such, which never materialized.

Once we landed, I discovered that I had two minutes to board the flight to Hartford and said it out loud. The number 410 will live in degradation. The very nice lady Row 2 heard me, and in true Steel Magnolia style ordered everyone out of the way so I could get through. I profusely thanked her and her seat mates,  who were all dressed in lime green T-shirts. As I checked with the agent for a gate, and she looked a bit dismayed as she said, “Oh, it’s delayed.”

From then until we were in the air, details of exactly how late kept changing as did the reasons given the passengers: equipment problems from Baltimore, weather, maybe Air Traffic Control “issues.”

I made my way to the ladies’ room and then wandered about,  received a $200 voucher, which was useless for a finding flight that day since the wi-fi in the Orlando airport moves at a snail’s pace.

I checked in with Larry who was more than understanding – said just sit tight. It had happened to him more times than he could count.

Wandered around some more – just to avoid sitting for another five or six hours after the 3 and 1 /2 hrs. of the flight from Denver.

Ate lunch at Au Bon Pain, which I thought was an improvement over Johnny Rivers’ salmon that would be way too sweet and way too caloric. So I wound up w/ a Chipotle veggie burger with avocado – 690 calories and some chips. I ate only half of each but slugged down a 12-plus ounce cup of green tea, which made me feel SO much better.


  • Family with five ? six ? kids – Dad wipes down two tables for four each and yells – that tea water is hot. They bring in drinks and food from McDonald’s. He slugs down one daughter’s soda and says, “They give free refills here.” It is now about 1:30. Mom looks at the phone and says, “The flight leaves at 2.” He says, “And after I wiped down two tables.”
  • Woman sits opposite me, consumes some kind of chicken, turkey and water, the whole thing in less than the time it takes me to eat half.
  • Guy at next four-person table moves when little kid pulls his chair out.
  • Woman bangs into barrier. It isn’t really well marked from a distance, but she does say she wasn’t paying attention.
  • The mobs traveling with children think they are the only humans on the planet and that their Ugly American children are entitled to impose on other people, hogging space, making cacophonous noise, and being impossibly obnoxious.

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