Effective Butterfly

Price in 1925: 15 cents

The New Yorker celebrates its birthday every year with some variation of Eustace Tilley, who appeared on the original cover. I discussed it in “New York,” “New York.

Three years ago Kadir Nelson created “Eustace Negro,” my favorite version to date.

Now Mr. Negro has a rival in elegance and stature. Malika Favre says she tries to keep her images simple. While “The Butterfly Effect” may have simple lines it delivers a complex message – Eustace is now black and female and better dressed than her male counterparts.

Note the price: $8.99.

Go online to watch the gif, which hints at how this butterfly may have started the serial tornados of #metoo and the cascade of firings. Her observer may be invoking the uncertainty principle, leading to consequences that none of us can foresee.



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