Valentine’s Day with a Broken Heart

Once again, I am feeling desolate The shooting in Florida has reopened the wounds of Sandy Hook.  Processing this newest trauma will take months. In the meantime I want to wish friends and family Happy Valentine’s Day.

The above is an Ann Petry original. Each year she composed a variation on “Roses are red” and sent it to her loved ones. The little running figures appeared in various forms in her notebooks and on pages where she doodled while on the phone and so forth, plus in the odd letter or note.

The halo came from the TV series The Saint. I’m pretty sure she had started her little running figures before show opened in 1962, but it’s possible she appropriated the whole thing. She did not watch the Roger Moore and co. before 1966, the year our family acquired a TV.

The reverse of the V’tine was never traditional. This harbinger of spring, I’m pretty sure, was cut from a greeting card she had received, a terrific missive to receive in dark and snow-ridden February.

And here’s Liz’s version with hope that all may live to say “I love you” to the special people in their lives. And may we never again have another Broward or Sandy Hook.

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