Not Sushi Friday

I spent another delightful Thursday dinner with my friends at Sushi California and so did not do a Sushi Friday.

Real sashimi. Credit:
Real sashimi. Credit:

And here I’m explaining why I will not be updating my reviews of three places.

Sakura Garden Japanese Steakhouse in Glastonbury received a B+ when I visited in 2011 because of the excellent fish. I returned there about a year ago and was so turned off I’ll never go back. The two under chefs were sweeping the floor behind the sushi bar and proceeded to return to cutting fish without washing their hands. I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased that I had finished eating or revolted because of what may have preceded the preparation of my meal. I did not call the health department and am now wondering why.

Samurai in Old Saybrook received a provisional grade of D because of the flies alighting on the open to-go container of rolls and the fact they may not have had a functioning hot water heater.

Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar in New London also received a grade of D because of a dirty water glass and a fly infestation. Without the health problems, I would not have returned because of the distance.

Conclusion: It is entirely possible that the gastric “issues” people report with sushi have less to do with the fish and more to do with the lack of hygiene among the preparers and the casual open-door policies that flying insects.

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