Too Sore To Write

Today’s entry will be vastly curtailed because of a case of painful arm muscles.

Our usual trainer was not at the weight and cardio workout that I do on Monday evenings. The sub, who is the recreation supervisor, ran the class with the stopwatch on her phone. For some reason I overdid it – maybe added extra weight where I hadn’t had them before. Or maybe she had us holding longer.

I suspected there might be a problem, so last night was a double ibuprofen night.

Today started OK, but I noticed a bit of a twinge when I was changing into my Reiki gear for the hospital. It got worse when I picked up the CD player, thinking, wow, this is heavy. These things new and weigh three pounds, at most. When I was doing Reiki, I felt great, as always. But  at the end, I felt I was carrying those thirty-five pound cat litter buckets I used to buy for Isis.

At home I wrote a few emails and contemplated what to post here. The thought of holding my arms up sent them into spasm.

So here’s what I’m aiming to look like, credit to Simply Shredded. Yes that is a woman’s arm. Only difference: she’s MUCH younger than I am.



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