Sushi Friday

Sakimura, 496 South Broad Street, Meriden, CT, 203-237-8888

I’m taking a break from the bayou trip to revive Sushi Friday. It’s shocking that I haven’t written anything with this topic since last June.

Sakimura received a grade of B when I visited in 2011, though the online review is lost. The place remains much the same. It continues to be too much of a nuisance to visit often. Parking is easy, though the Starbucks drive-up next door may pose a hazard if too many caffeine deprived folk wheel in or, caffeine loaded folk drive out at the same time.

The welcome was OK. The music has morphed from techno-house to hip-hop inspired auto-tunes. The waitress at least asked if I wanted a fork. (The answer was no.) The salad is still drowning in glop, but it includes a few slices of radish and even fewer bits of red cabbage among the anemic tomatoes and chunks of iceberg. The miso continues to be a modest portion of flavorful broth with a rather large collection of seaweed and almost no tofu or scallion. Fish remains an excellent combination of escolar, snapper, tuna. and salmon. No yellowtail this time. Alongside the garnish of daikon and iceberg, the chef put a fascinating little dollop of seaweed, a bit of scallion and a shaving of jalapeño (?). A chewy very slightly spicy cointerpoint to the fish, rice and crunchy ginger.

This time few customers interrupted the quiet. No one occupied the hibachi tables, On the other hand, no one asked me how things were until the waiter came to clear the table.

Grade: B

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